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Worst Night

April 30, 2008

Last night I had the worst night I’ve had on the table ever. Most of what I lost (only most of it, I lost more) came in two hands. Otherwise, my new name ought to be “2nd Best” because I came to showdown so many times with the second best hand by tiny margins. I had set over set or two pair over two pair. I’d have top two pair on the turn and the board would pair on the river making my opponents single pocket pair into a better two pair. And I’d get dealt pocket aces or kings or suited big slick in the big blind only to have everyone fold around to me. Needless to say it was frustrating. But here are the two hands that were really frustrating:

Both hands were NL small stakes cash games.

In the first hand I had just sat down at the table and was dealt pocket tens. I was the first person in the pot so I made a raise of 3X the BB. I had 2 callers, the button and the BB. The flop comes 47T rainbow. I love this flop. Then, even better the BB makes a pot sized bet. I re-raise to double that since I figure he likes his hand a lot. Then, the button goes all in for just about my whole stack (nearly 100 BBs). I figure he’s sitting on aces or kings and I’m ecstatic. Even more so when the BB calls. I raise it so we’re all all in. Then the cards flip and I almost fall out of my seat. The button has J4 suited (with one of his suit on the flop) and the BB has JJ. I’m a huge favorite to win this pot and just about triple up. Then the turn and river are dealt 89. I lose and my brilliant opponents split the pot with straights.

Much much later in the night I’m playing with around 120 BBs and I’m dealt 44 on the button. There are 2 limpers in front of me, so I raise to 5X the BB. The BB calls as does one of the limpers. The pot is now 16.5 BBs. The flop comes 2 4 7 rainbow. The BB bets out around 10 BBs. The limper folds. I raise to around 20 BBs and am surprised when he calls (now I put him on something like A7 or maybe an over pair to the board like 99). The next card is a K. I assume he had no need for this card because he checks. I bet out around 30 BBs and he calls. The last card is another 7 giving me the full house and I’m crossing my fingers he doesn’t have pocket 7s. I’ve bet out every street hard, more than half my stack is in the middle. I hope he’s making a big mistake so I bet all in. He doesn’t think, just calls and turns over KK. He has Ks full of 7s beating my 4s full of 7s. I can’t believe my luck.

I honestly don’t know how to come back from any of that. It is demoralizing when you feel like you can’t catch a break.

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  1. brooklyn bum permalink
    April 30, 2008 11:36 am

    It happens. You run hot then you run cold. Idiots just can’t help themselves sometimes.

    Just be glad you made the right move at the right time and that’s all you can hope for. Losing sucks but at least you know you’re playing well and making good decisions.

  2. May 1, 2008 5:22 am

    In the long run you will be a profitable player. That’s what matters. If it’s raining pound coins (or dollar notes), and you run outside to catch them all, you aren’t going to worry if you drop a few in the process. Even if you fall over and drop the lot all you do is brush yourself off and get back on your feet again. Wow – what a bizarre analogy… Also – its easier to recall defeats than it is wins. I’m sure if you kept accurate records, you will see that you have rivered one or two people ni this way a couple of times.

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