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Oops, I’m a bit behind here

August 20, 2009

Since the last time I posted I’ve…been to Vegas and Montana again. The reason for so few posts is because I’ve running so much. I’ve been all over the place. Let’s see…results…

Vegas…played at Mirage (4th in 70-person tourney…for $300 profit), Wynn, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood, Bally’s and Caesars (4th place in 20-person tourney…for $0). I’m there working for Harrah’s, staying at Bally’s for free, so I’m freerolling. Last hand of the whole trip at Mandalay I’m down $200 for the trip with $250 on the table. I get JJ and have been playing like a donkey so players are trying hard to get in a pot with me. I bet $15 and I get a caller behind and the BB. The flop comes 9-high and the BB bets out $45 and has me covered. I go ahead and make a donkey-looking shove, the other caller folds and the BB tables KK…and the river drops a Jack on me…I hold in the desire to shout a little “ship it” to solidify my donkey-image…only my flight leaves in less than an hour and I have to return the rental car, so I stand up and rack my chips. I can feel the hate coming from the table.

Montana…as opposed to Vegas I play pretty well and lose, lose, lose. I’m down about $350 for the whole trip. Oh well, a lot of it was playing $2/6 spread limit and with way too much to drink. I never drink and play…heck I seldom even drink, but we had an open bar every night. I hate spread limit!

Online I’m playing mostly O8 and I’m playing well. I’ve been playing a bunch of tourneys to try and hone my game cheaply. My results are pretty good.

The reason I’m posting at all though is because of the following hand, I’m on the big stack with a 5-1 chip lead with 10K to his 2K, but the blinds aren’t small, 150/300. He’s been potitng on his button every time. I go ahead and re-pot with 2h 4c 7d 9d which would put him pretty close to all in. He shoves and I call for the tiny bit more. Check out the final board…it couldn’t have run any better for me…


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