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Some Results

September 5, 2009

Some random results:

Been playing .10/.25 PLO8. I love this game and my results are very good so far. I seem to have a knack for it.

Since the WCOOP is starting, they are running steps with various games.   I decided to take the step 4 ticket I won before the WSOP (I just couldn’t get to step 4 in time) and use it to play a PLO8 step 4 and I win it.  So now I have a step 5 ticket or entry into a $215 tourney.  I’m considering cashing it in on one of the WCOOP $215 tourneys.  It would be fun to play in a big one and see how I do and if I bust out in 10 minutes, oh well, I payed the $7.50 twice to get to where I am, so I’d be down $15.

Played a night at the charity poker thing again. Still don’t like the action there, but I won about $100.

Bad day at work a couple nights back, feeling surly so why not gamble. I went to the Grand Victoria and sat at a dream table. A terrible player has lucked his way into a big stack and was calling down with any pair (called down with K4 off suit on a board of TJA49 with 3 hearts). I ended the night up $400.

Played the full tilt $6 NLHE deep KO tourney and won for a $144 prize. I haven’t played that tourney in a while. I love the deep stack tournament and 90 players is a nice size. Would love to play that tourney live (for a bit bigger buy in).

Hosting my first poker game in the middle of the month and I’m stoked. I bought a table a while back but it stayed at a friend’s house. Now that we’re all moved into a new place I can’t wait to break it out and have some fun.

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  1. bigtpoker permalink
    September 7, 2009 2:01 am

    Good luck with the WCOOP tournament should you decide to join.

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